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Water-transport system

Piece of the brick-lined canal Piece of the brick-lined canal | © 

Old sagas mention a brick-lined canal or channel running from the “Karlsquellen“ (Charlemagne‘s well) in the south of Heidesheim to the Kaiserpfalz. For a long time this was regarded as Roman, due to its size and construction, but recent excavations have been able to date it quite definitely in the early Middle Ages.

The canal is lined with quarry stones and hydraulic mortar (Opus signinum). The 0.4 metre-wide gutter had a vault covering it. The canal ran through the Wackernheim Valley, the orchards and vineyards in the lower Ingelheim area to the Kaiserpfalz.

During excavations the canal was often met at that point and is to be permanently on view at the Heidesheimer Tor. This watering system in Ingelheim is a unique technical monument, impressively confirming the traditional engineering feats from the days of ancient Romans to the early Middle Ages.

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