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Jewish cemetery


From house No. 7 a wrought-iron gate leads the visitor to the historical Jewish cemetery, which is on the west side of the Aula regia. Because it was created within the confines of the outer courtyard of the fortification it is unusually small: the double wall only permitted a 5 metre-wide strip for the graves arranged in a west-east direction. At the front of the cemetery there is the only remaining part of the original surrounding wall of the enclosure. The oldest legible inscription on a grave comes from 1726. The cemetery first came into use when the fortification was no longer required just before 1700. Most of the tombstone inscriptions are badly weathered. Judging by the shapes of the headstones, the majority of burials probably took place in the 19th century. Around 1840 a joint cemetery was created for the Jewish communities in upper and lower Ingelheim in the Hugo-Loersch-Straße .

The last burial in “Saal“ was in 1888, at the latest. In 1935 the cemetery was transferred to the lower Ingelheim community, which removed all of the 25 headstones with the intention of making access to Charlemagne‘s apse of the Palastaula easier. The concept of research, conservation and opening of the Pfalz in Ingelheim and then moving the entrance to the Aula into the Karolingerstraße in 2000/01 made it possible to return the headstones. Historical photographs facilitated the reconstruction of the southern part of the cemetery to the condition it was in during the first half of the 20th century. It is not possible to locate the original positions of the other 18 headstones, which is why they were collected and placed in a separate field at the north end of the cemetery. Fragments of two lost headstones could be recovered, and are now preserved under a protective roof.

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