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Archaeological protective building


In 2000, alongside the Aula regia, an archaeological protective construction was built. The walk-through steel and glass construction contains an extraordinarily well-preserved warm-air heating system from the high Middle Ages.

Archaeological protective building Archaeological protective building | © 

It is so far the oldest heating system still existent in the whole Pfalz, and its form, size and condition makes it a unique technically historical monument. In the middle there is a tiled oven, the walls of which are made of beaker-shaped tiles and clay. On the south side there are stone ashlars, built as the opening to fuel the oven. The heat generated in the oven could be stored in a hollow brickwork receptacle insulated with clay.

At that time, this innovative system made it possible to transport smoke-free warmth into the rooms through openings or channels many hours after the fire had gone out. The shape and type of beaker-shaped tiles has made it possible to date the heating to around 1200.

A key to the construction and lighting is available in the Visitors‘ Center, but the hot-air heating system and an information board can also be viewed through the glass facade. At this point in the circular tour it is also possible to climb up to the defensive tower over a winding staircase. This enables visitors to gain an overview of the “Saal“ and the rest of the Kaiserpfalz.

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