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Zuckerberg gate


The Zuckerberg gate is located at the highest point on the Pfalz site, on the southern flank of the defensive wall. The small round-arched gate could have been a gateway in the fortification. Today it leads to a small herbal garden, in which a selection of crops are grown and described in the Carolingian “Capitulare de villis et curtis imperialibus“. The Capitulare was a regulation of the possessions of the realm, which was organised by the royal court. In the document there are detailed regulations about the plants to be cultivated, such as vines. There are crops in the garden which had to be available in sufficient quantities as laid down by the royal court in 830.

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The small and narrow buildings flanking the gate inside and out is typical of the Zuckerberg. The design of the buildings is characteristic of the town development. The small buildings with at most one to four rooms were later added to the defensive wall, and their simple sloping roofs mostly covering the military paths made a significant contribution to preserving the fortification. The ground layout of the modest houses for day labourers were frequently no larger than 20m². Many had stories added to them later, such as the house Zuckerberg 19. The visitors‘ centre provides a free leaflet about the herbal garden for visitors to Zuckerberg. The beds of plants are labelled.

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