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Semicircular building

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The view of the Heidesheimer Tor from the side of the trench is marked by the late Middle Age fortifications. The upper part of the defensive wall, with its embrasures and alure is dated at the end of the 14th century. The relief of the area still shows signs of the fortifications from the 12th century. The former trench at the rampart can still be seen as a depression in the ground in the gardens and on the playground. The building development of the Palatium into the Castrum Regium can still be seen in the area, in the shape of the Carolingian Pfalz, especially the building of the walls and the deep trench. The appearance of the present part of the town, known as the “Saal“, is clearly determined by Charlemagne‘s Pfalz. From the location on the street “Auf dem Graben“ the continuity is obvious.

The layout of the buildings and thecourse of the street form a large semicircle in the south-north direction, whose origin is an Exedra (semicircular building), which has occupied the east side of the Pfalz since the 8th century. The diameter was 89 metres and the interior was divided into at least six halls. On the inside there was a colonnade with antique and antique-like decoration.

On the outside facade there were circular towers at equal distances and in the apex there is the Heidesheimer Tor. In addition to the Aula regia, the semicircular building clearly shows the significance of antique models for the Carolingian building plan. This building by Charlemagne is the only one of its kind in medieval architecture.

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