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Charlemagne‘s bath

Charlemagne‘s bath Charlemagne‘s bath | © 

North of the Saalkirche the Sebastian-Münster-Straße widens into a square area, on the north side of which is the so-called Karlsbad. Steps lead down to a basin measuring 3 x 4 metres, whose edges are made of heavy blocks of stone. The term “Karlsbad“ is due to a misunderstanding: After it was uncovered in 1910, C. Rauch the excavator used the term presumably because mention had been made by Einhard in the Vita Karoli Magni of Charlemagne‘s enjoyment of bathing in the Pfalz in Aachen. Since then steps have led to the permanently exposed water basin. However, the small size and the lack of a warm spring or other source of heating clearly distinguishes the finding in Ingelheim from the thermal bath in Aachen near the Büchel spring mentioned by Einhard. In an excavation report in 1960,C. Rauch finally dismissed the idea of a bath and chose the more fitting term of well room.

The “Karlsbad“ was part of a collection of buildings in the northern inner courtyard of the Pfalz layout, which is one of the least investigated parts of the Saal area, but important descriptions of the building history and chronology of the Pfalz are expected. The “Karlsbad“ will be permanently open for visitors from 2006 and will be architecturally newly designed.

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