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North wing


At the point where the Karolingerstraße and Karlstraße join there is a plot on which there is no building, but just below the grass there are the remains of the north wing of the Pfalz. The building was about 60 metres long and 11 metres wide on the inside and runs from west to east and is at right angles to the Aula regia. The line of the Pfalz buildings is at the edge of a slope.

View from the wineyards over the 'Saal area' View from the wineyards over the "Saal area" | © 

The interior was divided into six chambers of irregular width between 8 metres and 13 metres. A foundation running parallel to the south wall may be regarded as a colonnade. To the east a large rectangular hall was built and connects the north wing and the semicircular building. It is often conjectured that the north wing served as living quarters, which is a hypothetical assumption, because clear evidence of this – e.g. traces of some form of heating – is missing.

Today only the lines of the buildings and the spatial relation to the Karlstraße are the only reminders of the Carolingian north wing. Within the framework of the infrastructure measures and excavation of the Pfalz it is planned to show the position of the building.

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