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Saal well


There is a well shaft in front of the house “Karolingerstaße 19“. The shaft is now underneath a part of the street that has been repaired and is covered with asphalt, right next to the wall surrounding the ground. Its location is closely related to the spatial geometry of the Kaiserpfalz. It is on both the ideal long and transverse axis of the core building in the Pfalz. There is no reliable indication of the age of the shaft, but it is likely that it dates back to the early Middle Ages.

The position of the well demonstrates the symmetrical arrangement of the Pfalz buildings, which is one of the most important topographical features of the Kaiserpfalz in Ingelheim. The well was a source of water even up to the first half of the 20th century. The well will again be part of the town when the urban development is completed.

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