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Visitors' Center and Museum


At the entrance to the Saal area have been the Visitors´ Center and the museum at the Kaiserpfalz in the François-Lachenal-Platz since 2004 in one building. The Visitors‘ Center contains a branch of the town information service and tourist information of all kinds as well as extensive information material about the Kaiserpfalz. The main feature is the “computer-based information system Kaiserpfalz in Ingelheim” with four monitors and a large projection screen. It is there that the digital architectural reconstruction of the Aula regia can be accessed, which gives the visitor a nearly photorealistic image of the Carolingian palace aula. At the centre of the museum‘s exhibition are the history and the constructional development of the Kaiserpfalz. Besides selected archaeological findings there are examples of stone sculpture, including capitals, columns and column bases from the Peristyl (collonade) at the Heidesheimer Tor.

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The historic reconstruction model made in 1974 offers an overview of the whole structure of the Pfalz. A new three-dimensional model of the Kaiserpfalz is being made based on current archaeological investigation. From September 2005 the only gold coin so far known from the time of Charlemagne‘s imperial reign will be on view. It was found during excavations in Ingelheim in 1996. The museum exhibition is enhanced by samples depicting the settlement in the Ingelheim area from the Stone Age to the early Middle Ages.

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The 'Solidus Karls des Großen': Front- and back of the gold coin

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